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Welcome to Domestique

Domestique resides in a fantastical suburb that straddles the sun-drenched, beachside lifestyle of Sydney, Australia and the historical opulence of European design.

We’re about simple pleasures; taking things slow; creating home comforts in everyday moments that are often overlooked.

Homewares for Hedonists

For us, hedonism is all about indulgence; comfort, relaxation, and taking the time to enjoy life.

We believe that the pursuit of pleasure begins at home, and should be imbued in the routine of day-to-day life.

Our products strike a balance between function and frivolity, transporting you to a place of pleasure, in order to make the mundane magical.


Behind the Brand

Domestique founder Hannah Mars was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, with close family heritage rooted across Europe. Inspired by a lifelong desire to live on both sides of the world at once, she drew on the down-to-earth practicality she loves about the Aussie outlook, with a European sensibility and appreciation for the finer things, to distill into a brand she hopes will imbue beauty and whimsy into daily routines.

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