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How To Use Our French Press


How to brew a perfect cup of coffee using The French Press

Otherwise known as a Coffee Plunger or Cafetiere, a French Press is a simple yet effective way to make coffee at home, using a gentle brewing technique where ground coffee is steeped in hot water to produce a full-bodied, rich cup of coffee. All you need is hot water and ground coffee, and the French Press does the rest thanks to its in-built steel filtration system. Easy and efficient, which we love. 

Read on below for specific step-by-step instructions on how to make delicious coffee using your French Press.

How to use a French Press to make coffee

You will need:

  • Your Domestique French Press
  • A kettle
  • Ground coffee (fresh is best, we recommend a coarse grind)
  • A metal or wooden spoon

Step 1. Scoop ground coffee into The French Press. We recommend about four heaped tablespoons if you’re making a full pot, but you can alter this depending on how strong you like your coffee. 

Step 2. Cover the coffee grounds with water from a recently boiled kettle, but don’t fill it up. Stir with a spoon. This allows the coffee to ‘bloom’ and helps to develop flavour.  Boiling water will burn the coffee, so let the kettle cool for 30 seconds or so before you pour the water in. Pouring over the back of a spoon also helps to temper the water temperature before it hits the coffee grounds.

Step 3. Pour over more hot water to fill your French Press, stopping about 2-3cm from the top.

Step 4. Cover with the plunger top and leave to brew for 4-5 minutes (or 6-7 minutes for a stronger brew).

Step 5. Slowly press down on the plunger top until it reaches the bottom of your French Press. Hold the handle with your other hand to steady the French Press as you plunge. Take this part slow - with steady pressure, this should take about 15-20 seconds.

Step 6. Pour and enjoy your freshly made coffee! 

How much coffee should you put in your french press?

The coffee to water ratio is what determines the strength of your French Press brew. About 1 rounded tablespoon per cup is a good standard ratio to follow, however this can be increased or lessened to taste. 

How long should coffee steep in a french press?

How long you should steep your coffee for can also vary according to taste. We recommend experimenting to find what you like best. Start with 4-5 minutes and graduate to 6-8 for a stronger coffee. Once steeped, don’t let your coffee sit for too long as it could become bitter. Drink up and enjoy while it’s fresh. 

How your French Press Works

The steel plunger in your French Press is a built-in filter, meaning you don’t have to worry about additional paper filters (as you would with a Chemex, V60 or AeroPress brewing method). 

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