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What Is Hedonism?



What is Hedonism?


The trusty Oxford dictionary defines hedonism as a state of mind in which ‘pleasure is the most important thing in life’. 

Historically, the idea of being a ‘hedonist’ gets a pretty bad wrap; harking back to images of ancient Greek gods putting pleasure > everything else, with detrimental effect. Overindulgent, extreme in every sense of the word, living in a bubble of excess removed from reality.

Hedonism coffee angels in the clouds domestique decor french press

However, our interpretation of ‘the pursuit of pleasure’, is far less extreme. We’re all about experiencing pleasure in everyday life, balancing escapism with reality. Pleasure in simplicity. Pleasure in everyday moments that make up the comforting routines of everyday domestic life. Enjoying extravagance in moderation.

Hedonism coffee scene domestique decor french press

So rather than a total abandonment of all reason and responsibility, we believe in seeking pleasure in things that are much more tangible. A morning swim in Summer; a warm croissant; putting on a spread for friends; a great cup of coffee in the sun. You get the picture. 

Coffee on bondi beach australia domestique decor

So when we set out to make ‘Homewares for Hedonists’, we weren’t picturing golden wine goblets or ornate platters from which to feast on grapes.

Rather, our aim is to elevate the items we rely on daily to cook, cater with and caffeinate ourselves. Starting with The French Press, which we hope will imbue the start of your day with reassuring function and an elegant sprinkle of frivolity.

Shop The French Press and take the plunge into pleasure today.


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