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Take The Plunge

Go On, Take The Plunge

In many ways, the world hasn't fully recovered its zest for life. We go out less, opt to go home earlier than we used to and cancel more plans.

Well, we're not standing for that. Domestique exists to encourage pleasure over our more practical inclinations and frivolity when we're feeling too functional.

So this summer, we're here to bring hedonism back, inviting everyone to come with us and Take the Plunge. That means diving in head first and trying something new, unexpected and indulgent.

Woman drinking coffee with rubber ring in the sea

However, hedonism today isn't all about complete reckless abandon. Inspired by the Sydney coastal lifestyle that we were born into, we find pleasure in 6am morning swims as well as bottomless brunches. Pairing Barry's Bootcamp with a magnum of Rose at Dunes. 

So let's all make the most of this summer and live life to the fullest.

That's why we're taking our French Press on a grand tour this summer and inviting you dear reader, to come along

We'll be plunging our french press at all our favourite spots, from cafes to coastal walks, surf spotting to outdoor pool swimming.

Man in a rubber ring shaped like a coffee cup

Taking pleasure in everything a Sydney summer has to offer and blending it with a perfectly brewed cup of plunger coffee or espresso martini.

Woman drinking espresso martini at the beach

Follow us at @domestiquedecor to follow our Sydney summer stories and come take the plunge with us.



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